Chefs Unite - ResourcesUnite!

1st Annual Resources Unite Chefs Dinner

Monday, September 21st
Brazen Open Kitchen & Bar
Dubuque, Iowa

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Course 1 – Chad Myers — Compressed Butternut Squash (slow cooked in pork jus), Pickled Apple, Fennel, & Grape, Candied Pumpkin Seeds, Handmade Farmer’s Cheese, Cranberry Gelee, Brussels Sprout Chips, Local Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Course 2 – Monkut Sayasit — Fermented Pork Terrine, Smoked Kimchi, Sticky Rice Crumble, Black Garlic Chip, Puffed Pork Skin

Course 3 – Matt Melone — Aged Pekin Duck, Yogurt, Juniper Sausage, Rye, Brussels Sprouts, Smoked Almonds

Course 4 – Kevin Scharpf — Skuna Bay Salmon, Sweet Corn Dashi, Smoked Clam, Local Mushroom, Toasted Nori

Course 5 – Erik Anderson — Foie Gras Stuffed Ribeye, preserved black truffle, chanterelles, and sweet corn

Course 5.5 – Erik — roasted hay custard with crème and barrel aged maple syrup

Course 6 – Erik — burned sugar and rosemary caramel with pecans, sable and buttermilk ice cream

6 Courses 5 Chefs

Chef Erik Anderson of Minneapolis and Catbird Seat acclaim

Chef Erik AndersonErik Anderson’s culinary career blends his diverse experience and artistic spirit. Born and raised in Chicago, Anderson spent much of his childhood at his parents’ restaurant where he discovered his passion for experimenting with various ingredients and culinary techniques.

Anderson embarked on his career in the hospitality industry in 2006 at Chef Thomas Keller’s three Michelin-starred restaurant, The French Laundry, in Yountville, California. Anderson then moved to Minneapolis for a sous chef position at Auriga under Doug Flicker, the chef he now considers his mentor. After three years working with Flicker, Anderson departed for a position at Hotel Ivy’s Porter & Frye, where he served as part of the restaurant’s opening team ultimately assuming the role of chef de cuisine.

In 2009, Anderson brought his creativity to Tim McKee’s Sea Change Restaurant & Bar, where he worked as chef de cuisine building menus focused on sustainable seafood and seasonal ingredients. Anderson’s cooking at Sea Change garnered nationwide attention and marked a pinnacle in his career, being named a James Beard Foundation Award nominee.

After staging at the prestigious Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Anderson relocated to Nashville to co-helm the kitchen at The Catbird Seat. At The Catbird Seat, now considered one of Nashville’s most ground-breaking restaurants, he delivered an ever-changing, ten-course tasting menu in an interactive format. In 2012, Anderson was named one of Food & Wine’s “Best New Chefs.” The following year, the magazine bestowed him with the additional honor of being named “Best New Chef All Star”, where a talent from each class of past 25 years was highlighted. The Catbird Seat also received accolades including Bon Appétit’s “Best New Restaurants in America” and one of GQ Magazine’s “Top Ten Best New Restaurants in America.” Anderson has also appeared on the PBS Series The Mind of a Chef and Vice’s Munchies.

In the fall 2015, Anderson plans to open Brut, a Modern French restaurant in Minneapolis with partner, Jamie Malone.

Chef Kevin Scharpf

Chef/Owner Brazen Open Kitchen & Bar

Chef Kevin ScharpfBrazen open kitchen | bar provides a comfortable atmosphere with an innovative menu that allows our patrons to hold business luncheons, enjoy small plates with a friend at the bar, or to entertain friends and family from our seasonal inspired menu, all while being catered to in a sophisticated but casual fashion. We are passionate about the ingredients we use and where they come from. When seasons permit we will source as many ingredients local as possible. Equally passionate about how the food is prepared and the techniques used, we plan on most if not all items to be from scratch and made in house.

Chef Chad Myers

Executive Chef Dubuque Golf & Country Club

Chef Chad MyersIn 2004 Chef Chad got a job at a local casino in a kitchen. He had never known what being a chef, working in a kitchen, or what chefs were all about. But a short time into his job at the casino a light bulb went off that propelled him to take a leap into culinary school. With support of his family, made the move to Minnepolis/St. Paul to attend Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

The little over 1½ years there was one of the best times in his life. He was fortunate to meet people that continue to be lifelong friends to this day. Learning not only came from books and teachers, but from his classmates. He learned how to cook, how to treat people, and how to be a man. One such classmate inspired him so much that he named his first born son after him. Another classmate, Erik Anderson has stayed in touch throughout the years and has been an inspiration, mentor, and friend even from a far. This friendship has sparked the idea for this dinner.

Chad’s culinary career has stints at many local establishments where he has learned on the job. His passion and dedication for flavor and fine dining has led him to his current position as Executive Chef at Dubuque Golf & Country Club, where he works hard to accommodate diverse palates.

His partner in life is Billie Jo Roling-Pulley, who is an Operations Manager for Sedgwick in Bellevue, is also a co-organizer of this event. They have a son Billy, 14, son Stallyn, 4, and daughter Londyn, who is 2½. They live in Bellevue, Iowa.

Chef Monkut Sayasit

Executive Chef Batas in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Chef Monkut SayasitMon Sayasit’s hospitality career began when he started working with him mother, who was a baker, as a dishwasher at Bishops Buffet in his hometown of Cedar Rapids Iowa. Watching his mother cook and make delicious desserts inspired him to learn more about cooking and working in kitchens.

Mon has never gone to culinary school, but has worked at various restaurants around Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Those jobs help to shape him into the Chef that he is today. His love and passion of cooking has led him to win numerous culinary competitions in the area including Taste of Elegance Pork competitions and the ACF Riverside Culinary Classic, just to name a couple.

In his spare time he loves reading and acquiring cookbooks for his extensive cookbook collection, which at last count was over 500. He also enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Heather and their 2 children Scarlett and Dallas.

Chef Matt Melone

Chef De Cuisine
Cobble Hill Restaurant
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Chef Matt MeloneMatt Melone started out as an art major at Illinois State University when he decided to blend his passion for art and food into a career in the culinary industry. He studied at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. From there he went on to work in St. Louis which eventually led him back to Chicago’s famed Blackbird restaurant, where he worked under the direction of Food and Wine’s best new chef of 2010, Mike Sheerin. In late 2010 Matt moved to Iowa and spent two years working at the Lincoln Café. Here, he and Andy formed a friendship and shared a vision of what food in Iowa could become. Matt looks forward to helping Andy bring that vision to Cobble Hill.When not working, Matt enjoys learning and reading about food as well as spending time with his wife and two small daughters.